Elina + the Kicks!

Buzzed to announce these gigs! Catch our final shows of the year:
DECEMBER 11- Elina at The Melt Sessions
DECEMBER 16- Featured Set at The Intercollective

New Music!

Two new songs I’m really proud of! The idea for “Funny Feeling” came into my head within my first few hours of walking around Dublin. I remember leaving the hostel after dropping off my stuff, stepping out onto D’Olier street and just standing there looking out at this busy street, sun peeking through the clouds, bikes and busses and horses going by and just thinking oh god, what did I just do! Brand new city, all on my own, didn’t know a soul, left everything I knew behind and literally hopped on a plane with my guitar and adventure in my soul and landed here. A funny feeling indeed! I preformed “Funny Feeling” at BIMM Live & Lyrical auditions, an was assessed for my performance and song.

Check out “Funny Feeling” on Youtube and Soundcloud

“Stone Fortress” has been kicking around my head for a couple years, but I couldn’t quite figure out how I wanted it to sound, what kind of groove I wanted to go with. After a last minute change of plans in what song I was going to audition with for the End of Term Gig, (a non-assessed performance, but those successful play at one of the biggest BIMM gigs of the year), I needed a groovy song fast!

Check out “Stone Fortress on Soundcloud

Lastly, here is me and the boys playing a song by Cian McDaid, “Knots.” Cain’s song was chosen for the Live and Lyrical gig! Check it out on Youtube