Tips For First Time Travellers

DSC_0949Photo: Zagreb, Croatia.

So you’ve decided to hit the road! Now what? I’ve had a few first time travellers and friends ask me for my best travel tips! I thought I’d write a few of my biggest travel tips for those itching for adventure! Feel free to message me for any questions or advice 🙂

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Spain & Portugal

Had a whirlwind road trip with my brother through Spain and Portugal. We started in Lisbon, drove across the boarder to Seville, then down to the southernmost point of the Iberian peninsula, Gibraltar. We then spent the next three days making our way back up the coast of Portugal. We spent my birthday in Albufera, and a beach day in Portimao. After sleeping in our camper van for two nights, we spent a day in Lisbon before flying back to Dublin.
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A good friend from high school who also recently moved to Europe called me up and said “lets go to Amsterdam next weekend.” I thought that was one of the best things anyone’s ever said to me. I deliberated for half a second before agreeing. The next weekend there we were, hugging in Amsterdam’s beautiful Centraal station. We spent the next four days wandering canals and alleyways, chatting for hours in coffeeshops, taking in beautiful museums and endless architecture, and of course, following a strict Dutch diet of cheese and waffles. Though we’ve been friends since grade 9, we’ve only lived in the same country for the first year of a friendship that is now almost a decade old.
Thankful for new adventures with old friends.
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Hurricane Ophelia struck the Emerald Isle the day I was trying to fly back to Dublin from Germany. Then ensued the craziest flying adventure I’ve yet to experience, featuring delays, miscommunications, missed connections, you name it! I finally made it home to Dublin 2 days later, but not without being stranded for a day… in one of the greatest cities on earth. Check out my wanderings in London on flickr


More adventures with great friends. Spent a week driving around the German countryside with some good pals, saw castles and mountains, villages and cows, strolled and laughed and sang and took many a photograph. Cheap wine always tastes better in good company.

For more photos check out the album on my Flickr


I had the chance to explore more of Ireland this month, and even better, with a good friend from University. We went all the way across the Island, to the Cliffs of Moher, and then made our way back through little villages and along the stunning Irish coast, sprinkled with trappings of granite, thousands of miles of penny walls, and grazing cattle.

October 9: 3:30am

Off to Germany to meet the girls this morning! Pretty pleased with myself for packing so very light this trip. Those who know me know I’m a bit of a hoarder, that I have trouble packing light. Immigrant mentality, you never know when something might be useful! Moving out of my summer sublet was a challenge. I’d somehow acquired a lot of stuff in four years. I came to Dublin with one bag, a backpack and my guitar in hot pursuit of minimalism. It’s fun to be headed to Germany with just a backpack. A brand new experience this whole packing light thing is. It’s kinda cool having less things. Things mean more, hold more value. In a way you have more.