HOUSE SONG is streaming everywhere!

HOUSE SONG is streaming everywhere! Merry Christmas to my bbs, the 1102 Crew. You guys took in this little immigrant and gave her a family on the other side of the world. We were blessed to share a roof for four wonderful years. No song could ever capture the fun, the love, the good times, but I tried my best! Merry Christmas to you all 💕🎄Thanks to Megan Golbeck for some deadly album art. On a musical note, this is my first real venture into producing: this song was entirely written, preformed, and produced by myself! I hope you like it 💕💃🏾

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My New (and first!) Single WEST COAST is streaming everywhere!

As someone who has moved around a lot, many of my songs have themes of travel, adventure, and longing. This song was inspired by an urge to hit the road, which was inspired by a breakup, which then inspired romanticizing far away places, and the way that we’ll feel if we ever get there. Like a lot of my music, this was a family affair. My Dad produced and tracked the song. My Uncle Mike (one of the best sax players in the country) completes the tune with playful melodies and killer riffs. This song has been a road trip in itself. My vocal was recorded in Niagara, the rest of the song was tracked and produced in Singapore, the sax part recorded in Toronto, and it is now being released in Dublin. I hope you enjoy my first single, West Coast!

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