“Am I me through geography?”

This simple lyric from the 1975’s latest album got me thinking about a question I often ponder. And the answer is, absolutely. Where you’re born determines your whole life. Your life expectancy, income, your diet, your entire perspective and outlook. Your religion, the things you believe, the communities and collective memories that you subscribe to (willingly or not). Your entire existence is determined by where you are from. I’m fascinated by this. Because I’m not really from anywhere. Because lots of people I love also arent from anywhere or are from lots of places. Where you’re from is Almost Everything. I exist inside that “almost”. It sets me apart from my extended family members, from people I’ve encountered along the way.

I often wonder about what makes a TCK unique. What sets this small demographic of individuals apart from millions of other global migrants. Immigrants like my grandparents, economic migrants, first and second generation immigrants, drifters and wanderers etc. I believe that what makes being a TCK unique isn’t what you leave behind (because humans are constantly leaving things behind). It’s in what you struggle to retain or get back.

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Originally published April 2017, pg. 35, https://issuu.com/incite-magazine/docs/incite_19.4_next
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Published by Incite Magazine, February 2015, pg. 40,  https://issuu.com/incite-magazine/docs/feb2015
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Published by Incite Magazine, April 2015, pg. 10, https://issuu.com/incite-magazine/docs/apr2015
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My first attempt at a Villanelle. Published September 2015, pg. 24. https://issuu.com/incite-magazine/docs/sep2015
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Published in Incite Magazine, “Their/ There/ They’re” issue, pg. 15, November 2015. https://issuu.com/incite-magazine/docs/nov2015
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