Top 10 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel

As a traveler, there are more and more options for where to stay on your journey. However, I always recommend the hostel experience! (At least for a few nights of your journey). Here’s why:

1. Meet Interesting People. Hostels are melting pots for fascinating people from all over the world. They are a great opportunity to expand your global network, meet other travellers, and exchange travel stories. The clientele that hostels attract are usually young, fun travellers looking for authentic experiences, like-minded people, and meaningful connections.

2. They are great for First time or Solo Travellers. Hostels are a great place to meet other people travelling solo or looking for companions to do stuff with. Often these are the friendliest of hostel guests! Theres a saying among travels that says simply “you’re never alone when travelling alone”. Tip: Most hostels have comfy common room areas. Hang out here, read a book, join in on an interesting conversation.

3. You’re never stuck. Not sure what to do in a place? Hostel staff are extremely helpful, and their local knowledge can give you recommendations that veer you off the tourist path, as well as get you to the must-sees. Haven’t done any research before showing up in a city? No worries at all. Hostel staff, fellow travellers, and notice boards are really all you need to fill whatever time you have. Fellow travellers can give you honest feedback and recommendations. Furthermore, hostels usually have deals on attractions that they can offer you.

4. Activities! Hostels usually plan all kinds of activities, from pub crawls, dinners, outings, excursions. Bop along to easily make some friends and have some fun.

5. Friends are like fish? With other people around to meet, talk to, and explore with, it can be nice to have a break from the people you are travelling with. Travelling with people can be tough, and adding some new energy to the group could be exactly what you need.

6. Kitchen. Almost all hostels have a kitchen to cook your own food, save money, and make friends. Tip: I recommend eating breakfast at your hostel, as well as making something to take with you for lunch. This knocks off two meals out of three that you have to buy out. Save money, travel better!

7. Flexibility. You can almost always find a hostel bed on short notice. Some of them even offer night-of deals.

8. Do you need help? Passport stolen? Homesick? Having an existential crisis? People at hostels want to help you. Weather through practical, local knowledge of a place, or just a friendly ear to listen and chat, you’ll never feel alone with a common room full of pals and a kitchen full of good smells.

9. Saving Money. Wow, so many good things about hostels that I almost forgot about this one! Hostels are always the cheapest option. Save money, travel better.

10. The best part is, theres So Many Different Kinds of Hostels out there, that you can find one that best suits your needs and budget. They all offer something slightly different. A private room if you should need? A party hostel with lots going on, or one more laid back? You can tell all of this from the reviews/ description.

Doesnt all of that sound way better than sitting in a hotel/ airbnb room by yourself or with the people you are already travelling with?

My favourite thing about hostels is that they are all slightly different. is the best place on the web to go hostel hunting, it lets you quickly sort properties by price, rating, or location. It outlines in detail facilities and prices, and always has useful photos to help you get a feel for a place. Go see whats out there! Also check out my post, Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hostel.

Top Hostel Tips:
~ Make sure you have an eye mask and good earplugs (rooms can be noisy at night).
~ Always have a pad lock with you. Most hostels have lockers, or you can lock up a bag if necessary. I always sleep and travel better with more peace of mind. I also replaced my key lock with a pad locks, after locking my key inside my locker one too many times 🙂
~ Depending on availability and my budget, I always try to choose rooms with fewer people. Spending a few more euros for an 6 bed dorm is worth it for me to avoid a 14 bed dorm. Less bodies, less noise, less in and out of the room at all hours. Better sleep means a happier traveller!

Happy travelling!
~ elina x

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