September 28

Today I went out and busked for the first time. I was very nervous. New city, small girl. Walking down the main busking street, I was too intimidated, I guess I didn’t want to bother anyone, as silly as that sounds. I found a spot I had made a mental note of when walking past before, away from the main streets, with low benches around.
A mother and her baby stopped to listen, after a few songs they smiled as I announced that the next one was for them. Some school girls requested Katy Perry, I enthusiastically obliged. Several more people stopped, chatted, requested, discussed different projects, their dreams, their backgrounds, what they were having for dinner.
Two older guys drank an entire bottle of wine while listening. Didn’t seem like their first of the day, but they seemed to be in good spirits. A few more drunk Irish men came to hang out. They even started a little dance party and only wanted to hear original music, that and Oasis. One of them even insisted on giving me a grand introduction, yelling into the mic about how “one of the best voices is on George street from Canada, and everyone needs to stop walking by and come listen.”
Most of the time it was just me, and my guitar. It was nice to just play music and watch the world go by for two hours. Great people watching. Most people seemed to be in such a hurry. The more people walked by, seeming to not notice me, the more animated I became, the more fun I had, the more I smiled. Though sometimes hard to believe, its always been true, it doesn’t matter who’s listening.

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